A pronoun takes the place of a noun.Example story:Mary is one of the heads of the ToJi Corporation. Mary works with Mr. James and Mr. James’ son Tom. Mr. James and Mr. James’ son Tom are experts in biochemistry. Mary, Mr. James, and Tom researched and invented a drug for cancer treatment.If the story above is written using pronouns:
Mary is one of the heads of the ToJi Corporation. She works with Mr. James and his son Tom. He and his son Tom are experts in biochemistry. Theyresearched and invented a drug for cancer treatment.

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns refer to a person:

  • I go to school.
  • You are a student.
  • They are Koreans.
  • He works here.
  • We gave her food.

The word ‘it’ refers to an object:

  • I drank it.
  • It is big.
  • They cut it into halves.

Memorize the personal pronouns:

First Second Third
Male Female Neutral
Singular Subject I you he she it
Singular Object me you him her it
Singular Reflexive myself yourself himself herself itself
Plural Subject we you they
Plural Object us you them
Plural Reflexive ourselves yourselves themselves

[Quiz 4.1]
Write the correct pronoun in each blank.
1)I ate an apple.                     was delicious.
2)You look tired.                     should rest.
3)She is a teacher. I gave                    a book.
4)They are my friends. I like                     very much.
5)He saw the movie.                     was fun.
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1) it
2) you
3) her
4) them
5) it